May no other Vision so imbed itself in my heart

Like He who made the heart.

May no other vision or dream, thereof, drive my 

Passions, my breath, my step, 

My every thought, like this Vision which first gave me heart.

May this love from me, first from You, and now 

Communally shared through the Son, 

Greatly pierce the earth, which 

You gave your only Son. 

May I be like the rays that stem from the rising 

Sun, the sun being Your love,

 And the rays being its agent, in service ONLY

 To show Your love.

And should I, when chasms large and waters 

Deep delude my sight with visions “suffice”, 

Struggle to walk steadfastly in this Vision… 

May I, with one hand gripping Your Word and with 

The other clinging to the Grace that sustains, 

Not be overtaken, 

But preach Your name to me, from Him, with 

Fervor, zeal, and tenacity.